Smyrna Nursing Home AbuseSadly, abuse and neglect in nursing homes, which can lead to injuries among residents, happens frequently. Facilities overly concerned with the bottom line often fail to hire quality staff and train them sufficiently to prevent this from happening. If you fear that a resident may have suffered harm a nursing home, this site can help you figure out how to take action. Even better, give us a call to talk with us about the details of your specific situation.

If a nurse or staff member has failed to meet standards of care, they have perpetrated nursing home abuse or neglect. Abuse occurs when a resident is harmed intentionally, whether psychologically, physically, sexually, or financially. Neglect, on the other hand, stems from negligence, as when a staff member forgets to give a resident their medicine or when a resident slips and falls because they are unsupervised. Neither abuse nor neglect should be tolerated.

How can I sue the nursing home for neglect?

When you place your loved one in a long-term care facility, you trust that they will be safe. After a resident is admitted to a facility, the care team should create a plan to ensure that their specific needs will be taken care of. Residents who suffer from dizziness, for example, should receive extra supervision when walking, and those who fall easily should have their bed positioned low to the ground with bed rails.

When the initial assessment is lacking or individualized care is not provided properly in accordance with an assessment, injuries can occur. You may have the grounds for a lawsuit if your loved one suffers due to neglect. If negligence on the part of a nursing home causes serious injury or death, the nursing home will be held responsible in accordance with Georgia nursing home negligence law.

If the resident has passed away due to neglect, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit on his or her behalf. In the case of injury, you will likely need to receive authorization in the form of power of attorney or guardianship in order to take legal action for the resident. Contact a personal injury lawyer with expertise in nursing home abuse to discuss your specific situation.

Who oversees nursing homes?

Nursing homes in Georgia are overseen by Healthcare Facility Regulation (HFR), a division of the Georgia Department of Community Health. This body is responsible for licensing, regulating, and inspecting more than 15,000 health care facilities in the state. They investigate complaints and survey facilities, including nursing homes, to assess their performance.

HFR also compiles a database of licensed nursing homes in Georgia, which it updates weekly. The database includes detailed information on each facility, including inspection reports. You can also use the tool to access any state law or regulation for nursing homes to make sure that your loved one’s facility is following proper procedures.

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Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect in Smyrna, Georgia – What you need to know.

Smyrna, Georgia is located in Cobb County and has a population of 54,788 residents. Of those, 8.4% are aged 65 and older. Regrettably, in Smyrna as in other parts of the state, nursing home abuse and neglect occurs frequently.

What are the signs of nursing home abuse?

Most of us can sense when something is wrong with our loved one. Unlike neglect, which can be hard to detect, signs of abuse are generally fairly easy to spot. Behavioral and/or physical changes may be evidence that your loved one has been abused.

Changes in behavior. Is your loved one typically gregarious and warm, but is now acting shy or irritable? Signs that they may have suffered abuse include:

  • Unusual lack of energy (possibly due to overmedication).
  • Uncharacteristic moodiness.
  • Fear of staff members.
  • Unusual lack of interest in socializing.
  • Any other behavior that is atypical for the individual.

Physical Changes. If your loved one has injuries he or she cannot explain, someone in the facility may have abused them. If you spot any of the following, you should suspect abuse:

  • Dramatic and unusual weight loss or gain.
  • An unkempt appearance or poor hygiene.
  • Bloody or stained linens or clothes.
  • Mysterious injuries (bruises, welts, cuts, burns) that the resident doesn’t want to discuss.

Which injuries are most common?

The elderly are generally more vulnerable than the general population, and thus more easily injured. Some of the most common areas of concern are residents leaving the facility, or “wandering,” falling, and contracting bedsores and infections.

With their cognitive function declining, residents may become confused about where they are and “wander” off the premises of the facility. Suddenly they find themselves in an uncontrolled environment where they must grapple with changes in temperature and terrain, traffic, and other unfamiliar elements. Wandering is common and can be extremely hazardous to residents. Nursing homes must make sure that residents do not leave the building unsupervised.

Seniors fall very easily. Nurses and staff must be extremely vigiliant to prevent falls due to poor eyesight and low mobility. Residents should be supervised when walking and mobility aids should be kept in good condition. Patients at high risk of falling should have their beds positioned low to the floor with guiderails installed. Falling can be extremely dangerous for elderly people, leading to head injuries, head broken or fractured bones, or even death.

Bedsores are extremely common in long-term care facilities, especially among residents with limited mobility who remain in the same position for long periods. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services mandates daily checks of residents’ skin condition. Although bedsores can usually be prevented with adequate sanitation and body repositioning up to ten percent of residents in nursing homes may have bedsores at any given time.

What causes nursing home abuse?

Working in a nursing home is an extremely hard job. Nurses and staff are often underpaid and overworked, leading to high turnover. Because the work can be physically and emotionally challenging and low-paying, facilities cannot always retain the best workers.

All nursing home abuse is inexcusable. A facility’s failure to hire an adequate number of staff and train them properly sets a stage where abuse is more likely to occur, regardless of whether the staff are well-intentioned. Workers may be forced to take on others’ work when staff quit unexpectedly or a facility opts not to hire additional staff. They may grow impatient with the routines of slow-moving residents when trying to get through all of the things they’re expected to do in the day. In these cases, lashing out—either verbally or physically—may happen.

When residents are aggressive, staff must learn to resist their own reflexes. They have to restrain an impulse to hit back if hit, and learn to diffuse the resident’s anger. Residents with cognitive problems may be particularly volatile, and may also injure other residents. Although they may not be in control of their actions, the facility is responsible for making sure that no abuse occurs, whether between staff and residents or among residents.

Nursing homes are competitive businesses that are constantly monitoring their expenses. Staffing and training are often areas that get short-shrift when a budget is limited. But any quality nursing home must take steps to ensure that they are adequately staffed by trustworthy individuals, and that these individuals receive sufficient training.

My loved one was hurt in a Smyrna nursing home – What do I do next?

If your loved one was severely injured or passed away at a Smyrna, Georgia nursing home, then we recommend that you act as soon as possible to protect your loved one’s rights.

First, report the incident to the appropriate Georgia authorities

Georgia Department of Community Health

The Georgia Department of Community Health’s Healthcare Facility Regulation investigates nursing homes for neglect and abuse. Their offices also regulate and certify nursing homes in Georgia.

You can file a complaint with the Georgia Department of Community Health, Healthcare Facility Regulation online by clicking this link. Here is additional contact information:

Georgia Department of Community Health, Healthcare Facility Regulation

Complaint Hotline:       (800) 878-6442

Complaint Fax:             (404) 657-5731

Georgia Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman

You can file a complaint with the Georgia Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman online by clicking on this link. Here is additional contact information:

Capitol Ombudsman Program

225 Cameron Road
McDonough, Georgia 30253

Telephone:      (404) 627-1057

Fax:                  (404) 627-1064

You may also report physical assault or abuse to local law enforcement

You may decide to file a police report if your loved one was harmed in a nursing home. The facility may have criminal charges brought against them if found guilty of abuse or neglect. This process is facilitated through the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office.

For abuse occurring in a Smyrna, Georgia nursing home, report the crime to the City of Smyrna Police Department or to the Cobb County Sheriff’s Department.

City of Smyrna Police Department

2646 Atlanta Road SE

Smyrna, GA 30080

Telephone:      (770) 434-9481

Cobb County Sheriff’s Office

185 Roswell Street
Marietta, GA 30090

Telephone:      (770) 499-4600

Cobb County District Attorney’s Office

70 Haynes St
Marietta, GA 30090

Telephone:      (770) 528-3080

Police, Sheriff, & DA Information here

Find another facility for your loved one.

If you learn that your loved one has been harmed by a care facility, you’ll need to find a better option for them. Do some research to determine which nursing homes are close to you, which have good resident reviews, and which take Medicare and Medicaid. Browse the website created by the US Centers for Medicaid Services (CMS), which ranks every federally funded facility in the United States on a five-star scale. Characteristics such as staff quality and inspection scores are ranked.

Click here to go to the Nursing Home Compare Website.

For your convenience, a list of all nursing homes located within Smyrna, Georgia is located below, along with their contact information and inspection scores.

Get the medical records from the hospital and the nursing home.

To provide proof that a facility was responsible for your loved one’s injuries, you will need to attain the proper authorization to acquire their full medical records. This authorization may take the form of guardianship, power of attorney, or a healthcare directive. You may need to attain records from the nursing home as well as any other medical facilities the resident visited.

If your loved one was abused or neglected at a nursing home in Smyrna, Georgia, he or she was likely treated was likely treated at an area hospital. You can contact the medical records request department for hospitals in the Evans area using the following information:

Begin the probate process if your loved one has passed away.

When a wrongful death occurs in a nursing home environment, the resident’s legal affairs must be handled by another person, usually a close relative. This representative can file a petition with the probate court of the county to create an estate for legal matters. Generally, before a lawsuit may be filed, the estate must be authorized.

If you are appointed as the executor or administrator of the estate of someone who has passed away in Smyrna you will handle all decisions regarding a lawsuit for wrongful injury or death.

Click here to begin the process with the Probate Court of Cobb County.

Cobb County Probate Court

32 Waddell Street

Marietta, GA 30090

Telephone:      (770) 528-1900

Nursing Homes in Smyrna, Georgia

When you’ve found the facilities that top your list, schedule a visit to each of them. Be sure that they appear to live up to their online reviews and ratings. Try to get a feeling for the place by chatting with the staff, nurses, and residents, if possible. If you schedule your visit with enough notice, you may be able to get a tour of the facility that will help you decide whether your loved one will be happy there. There are not many nursing homes in Smyrna, so you may want to also consider nearby facilities in Kennesaw, Powder Springs, and Mableton.

Delmar Gardens of Smyrna

(770) 432-4444

404 King Springs Village Parkway

Smyrna, GA 30082

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 (Average)

Number of Beds: 120

Number of Residents: 104

RN hours per resident per day: 23min (GA Avg: 34min)

Health Inspection Rating: 2 out of 5 (Below Average)

Staff Rating: 3 out of 5 (Average)

Quality Measure Rating: 5 out of 5 (Much Above Average)

Most Recent Health Inspection Date: 06-16-2017

Number of Health Citations: 12

Average Number of Health Citations in Georgia: 3.2

Number of Complaints in previous 3 years resulting in citation: 0

Federal fines in previous 3 years:

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