Client Reviews

MarieT park

This is the best Attorney by far, hands down! I fired two attorneys before finding Will Smith… Prior to his firm, I did what most people do and called Ken Nuggent only to be treated as a number.. I suffered structural damage to my neck and back and herniated disc. I could not stand up straight or bend over or do anything for myself. I am a single mom who had a child at home who requires tons of additional supports and a medical diet. I was In a vehicle as a passenger of a car that was not insured, but I was told by the driver that it was.Will went above and beyond to hire an investigator and got to the bottom of it. The vehicle I was a passenger in was not covered. I had been lied to and in the worst position ever, a single mom and Injured!!! I won’t lie to you and say any of it was simple. I was told by top Specialist that the fit lifestyle I knew was gone and I wouldn’t recover.My child was devastated, because the super mom she was accustomed to could barely walk other than slow pace and had to sleep sitting up…It was the worst time of our lives bar none! Will came over to my house not a representative, and told me he would make sure I came out of this as best as possible, it wasn’t about the case,he saw a great single mom in a very bad place due to no fault of my own.He kept his word to me, he fought for us with very little on the table, and he made sure I had best treatment possible… I won’t write for anything or anyone I don’t believe in, I trusted this man with my life and my daughter’s future…
It was the best choice and I knew God sent him because his character is A1…
I am still fighting to get better, still may need pain relief methods, but he kept us from being on the streets and he gave me a start back to recovery…
From the bottom of our heart’s,we are eternally grateful…
Tonea and Kaylee!!!

Ben Sessions

I have referred and will continue to refer clients to Will and Rob. They are great people and lawyers. If you are fortunate enough to be represented by them, you are in great hands.

Deborah Gates

You know they are the best when you think you can’t get no help from no one you have been looking in the wrong place because they are here and when I say they are there for you I really appreciate all you did and have done for me I just don’t want to let go I know if I need you where to come trust me people they are the go too men’s in your time of need of the best lawyers

Ken Avery

Great experience! I would highly recommend Rob and Will! I have already recommended several people. They are very personable, easy to work with, extremely thorough and most importantly, successful!