Snapchat Exposing Elder Abuse

Social media has made our lives easier- making it easier to keep in touch with our loved ones and keep people filled in on our day-to-day lives. However, with technology comes a dark side where that technology is abused. The social media application Snapchat has been used to humiliate some of the nation’s most vulnerable residents.

Those residents are patients in nursing homes. It has been learned that their caretakers are taking advantage of them in a way that is shocking.

Fox23 investigative reporter Justin Gray found that the people paid to take care of nursing home residents are violating trust by mocking, ridiculing, and exploiting them on social media apps.

Mindy Mench, who placed her husband’s grandmother in a nursing home as a last resort. The senior was suffering from dementia after a series of strokes. However, the nursing home they carefully chose betrayed their trust.

Janet Hartfrant, the patient in the nursing home, had embarrassing videos and photos taken of her while she was on the toilet. The person taking these photos and videos was a nurse paid to care for Hartfrant. The nurse then shared those photos and videos with friends on Snapchat.

The incident is not isolated.

Two Massachusetts nurse’s aides were charged after posting pictures of a senior resident and labeled those pictures “Chucky’s Bride.”

Senator Chuck Grassley calls it abuse. He has sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice demanding a nationwide investigation. He has also reached out to Medicare and Medicaid to see what can be done about this problem during inspections.

A Snapchat spokesperson said that these kinds of photos and videos violate both their community guidelines and terms of service. The app has a tool for people to report violations.

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