Proposed Florida Medicaid Reimbursement Plan Attracts Opposition

A new way to reimburse Florida’s Medicare expenses has just passed the Senate budget panel.  Now, nursing homes use the outdated system of submitting expense reports and waiting for reimbursements.  As reports, the new system is expected to take a more proactive approach, but opponents claim that it penalizes top-notch facilities by rewarding those that cut corners.

The new proposal which has been greenlit would prepay for the medical expenses, based on a proprietary algorithm.  More than half of Florida’s nursing home residents need Medicaid to stay in long-term care, and the facilities themselves need the funding to keep providing care.  

A total of $26 million in incentives has been set aside, but these are for renovations.  Facilities are rewarded for the best use of their funding, rather than being innovative.  Opponents say that it would unfairly penalize four- and five- star facilities.

Elliot Palevsy, CEO Emeritus for River Garden Hebrew Home in Jacksonville, Florida, said that even though his nursing facility stood to gain $200,000, the board voted to stand in opposition to the new proposal. They believe the changes would be poor public policy.

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