Family Sues for Neglect of Alzheimer’s Patient

Families often turn to nursing homes to care for the elderly that they cannot care for themselves. In many cases, they are well cared for and treated with dignity. However, in some cases, neglect and abuse occur.

The family of an Alzheimer’s patient is suing a New Jersey nursing home for the neglect of their loved one.

Family members allege that photos taken inside Woodcrest Health Center in New Milford, New Jersey, show that their mother was left to sit in human waste and had human feces smeared from head to toe.

The allegations of neglect are part of a lawsuit against Woodcrest and its parent company, Care One. Care One is a New Jersey conglomerate with dozens of nursing home facilities across the state.

The patient’s son said, “Every time we went there it was another issue. She wasn’t being fed. She had fallen. She was covered head to toe in feces.”

A spokesperson for Care One says that they intend to vigorously defend the accusations in court.

The lawsuit refers to the patient as Jane Doe because the family felt that attaching a name to the photos would rob their mother of her dignity.

Care One is asking that the lawsuit be dismissed on the grounds that the plaintiff should not be allowed to remain anonymous.

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