Abuse Found in Tennessee Nursing Home

New admissions to a Tennessee nursing home named Brookhaven Manor have been suspended, and for good cause. The reasons for suspending new admissions are detailed in a 77-page report.

The documents, which are available to the public highlight the fact that the nursing home did not do enough to prevent the abuse of residents. Further, it did not always report and investigate allegations of abuse.

The report said, “The facility failed to prevent mental, physical, and verbal abuse to (nine) residents.”

In one instance, a certified nursing assistant caused one patient to scream and cry when he changed her, saying, “I wouldn’t have to do this if your filthy lazy a** would get up and go to the bathroom.”

Records indicate that the facility fired that CNA and suspended a second one.

Also discovered was the fact that the employees would allow residents to sit unchanged and soiled for hours at a time. The facility also failed to properly treat surgical wounds and bed sores.

The suspension follows an annual survey and complaint investigation completed within the last month. A state monitor will keep watch on the ongoing situation at the nursing home until conditions change.

The state fined the facility $5,000. The facility has a right to a hearing on the matter.

At the Medicare.gov nursing home rating site, Brookhaven Manor has just one star out of five.

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