$4 Million Lawsuit Against Nursing Home in Amputation Case

It is always heartbreaking to hear about the maltreatment of a loved one placed in a facility designed to care for their needs. All to often, cases of neglect and abuse cause litigation against care facilities. Many times, the lack of care and presence of abuse is due to under-staffing and lack of training and supplies.

A Norfolk nursing home is named as the defendant in a $4 million dollar lawsuit. The family bringing the suit claims that their lives were thrown into upheaval due to the injuries a family member sustained while in the care of the home.

Tomara Carmon-Rogers and her family are seeking damages in a malpractice suit against the nursing home. Caron’s grandmother, Mary Sherrod, suffered injuries so severe while in the care of the nursing home that her right leg had to be amputated. The injuries stemmed from a fall that occurred in March of last year.

Court documents state that Sherrod, who is incapacitated, suffered broken bones after a nursing home employee pulled the sheets from under her while changing them. This action caused the woman to fall from the floor. In the months that followed, Sherrod developed sores on her legs, feet, heels, and buttocks that were not properly cared for and eventually led to amputation of her limb.

The granddaughter states that on several occasions, Sherrod went without food for several days. She also remembers, on at least one occasion, having to bring her own bandages to care for her grandmother. She blames the lack of care on the home being under-staffed and under-supplied.

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